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Musée Marc-Aurèle Fortin


Under the auspices of the Foundation, the Musée Marc-Aurèle Fortin was inaugurated in January 1984. The extraordinary talent and the work of the great and prolific Quebecois painter were finally immortalized in a museum bearing his name.

For twenty-three years, until the spring of 2007, the Museum has been at work reaching its goal to maximize the exposure to this prodigious and inspired painter that was Marc-Aurèle Fortin Marc-Aurèle Fortin.

Since May 2007, the collection of works by Fortin can be admired at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The Foundation has decided to make a donation of his entire collection to this great Montreal institution thus enabling the exposure of Fortin’s work in perpetuity.

Highly acclaimed in Quebec, Fortin's work was also the subject of much praise and attention from competent museum directors and curators visiting the Musée. Europeans and Americans have found in this incomparable landscaping painter extraordinary qualities and were often left surprised that the work of Marc-Aurèle Fortin had not yet received universal recognition.

While presenting in permanence works of Fortin in its four rooms dedicated to the artist (pure watercolours, mixed watercolours, oils including the black and gray manners, as well as pastels and casein works), the Musée has been an effective vehicle for the promotion of many young artists as well as more established ones.

To name a few:

- Robert Lapalme 1985
- Rodolphe Duguay 1985
- Jean-Paul Riopelle 1985
- Jean Dallaire 1986
- Maurice Lebel 1986
- Richard Montpetit 1987
- Midi-Pyrénées : The stroke of genius
  Engraving: F. Goya Museum in Castres, France
  Drawing: Ingres Museum in Montauban, France
  Poster: Toulouse Lautrec Museum in Albi, France
- Stanley Cosgrove 1989
- Albert Rousseau 1990
- Louis Mulhstock 1991
- Women Painters of Quebec (70 artists) 1991
- René Richard 1992
- T.X. Renaud, a painter and decorator of churches 1993
- Renée Durocher 1996
- Paul-Vanier Beaulieu 1997
- Edmond-Joseph Massicotte 2000
- Claude Le Sauter 2002

In 1995 the Ernst & Young collection of prints "Images de Montréal" was presented at the Musée and in 2006 a virtual exhibition "Hochelaga d'après Marc-Aurèle Fortin" was put on the website of the Virtual Museum of Canada.

In addition to temporary exhibitions organized by the Musée, various activities were carried out by the institution for youngsters:

- Meetings with Frédéric Back "The Man Who Planted Trees"
- Silkscreen Workshop
- Gift of 150 to 200 small elms by journalist Stéphane Mercier
- Exhibition of drawings by school children
- Hundreds of guided tours thanks to the dedication of our volunteers

The Musée has also been very active for adults over the years organizing conferences, watercolours workshops and activities such as "Musée dans la rue ".

The annual gourmet gala dinner organized by the Musée to raise funds became a very popular event in Montreal over the years.

Items sold at the Musée’s boutique, so much appreciated by our visitors, can now be purchased at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts boutique. You will find there the same reproductions and the book by René Buisson "Marc-Aurèle Fortin, un maître inconnu"


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